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Trading Division

Yarn :

Our yarn brokering business has been in operation since the year 2001. Our focus is on 100% cotton yarn. We have been working with a highly reliable group of clients. Registered users of our website have access to information on enquiries/offers for yarn from buyers/sellers besides being able to view accurate and timely information on contracts under execution.

Our Product profile

Spinning Method. Open End/Ring Spun/Compact spun.
Yarn Type. 100% Cotton Yarn (Auto Leveled, Auto Wound, SIRO Cleared).
No. of Ply. Single, Double and Three ply yarn.
Doubling Method. Two For One (TFO) and Ring Doubled.
Application. For Weaving and Knitting.

We have been very particular about matching the sellers capability with the buyers expectation in quality and delivery. Being consistent in our policy to work with buyers and sellers who demonstrate the intent to keep contract terms over the years has resulted in our access to a large reliable base of suppliers and customers. We aim to create a community of sellers and buyers who collectively can convert every enquiry into a successfully executed contract be it for yarn or fabric.